Thursday, June 2, 2011

About a Book in Four Pictures: Bandits by LM Preston

Inspired by Kyle Tezak and his Four Icon Challenge, I will be creating four pictures on my own - or I will borrow from the internet - that will tell you about a certain  book.  Like book reviews, this will help you learn more about some books out there but without having to read lengthy analysis of plots/characters/etc.  This feature will help feed your curiosity about a particular story in the briefest - and more visual - way possible. 

Today, I am featuring a book that's released today, one that I have previously reviewed on this blog.  That book is Bandits by LM Preston.  

Unfortunately, I could not make pictures of my own this time, and resorted to using some from the internet.  Photo credits will be shown below.

Photo taken from Tofslie

Photo taken from TopTenz

Photo taken from Toys1
Photo taken from Dialersus

I do not want to give away too much of the plot, but from the pictures themselves, you know that this story is filled with adventure, right?  And it is, as I mentioned in my review, this book could also be made into a video game.  It's that exciting.

Check out this book now!  

Loving the plot?  Go get yourself a copy from these stores:

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  1. I love it when you do this! What's that blue thing?


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