Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quiz: Shelving Books Like Librarians Do

Have you ever wondered if you could become a librarian?  Well, I certainly did, and I even imagined myself being opposite every librarian stereotype there is:  loud, talkative to visitors - recommending every book the library has, will read forever instead of vigilantly watching out for noisemakers, and organizing the whole library by color - they certainly have enough books to hold every color in the spectrum, right?

So to explore the odds of us being a really awesome librarian/non-librarian, I grabbed this quiz over at by mebb.  It's not so much as a holistic librarian test, it just explores one aspect:  Shelving.  Fairly easy, right?  Especially for those with compulsive organizing behaviors :D Like uh, me?

Remember to tell me your results!  Mine was a whopping:

Wow.  'Didn't know I had it in me :D


  1. I got them all right, but then I should, I work in a library!!!

    Great quiz, some of those questions did get me thinking. :D

  2. Oh no, I got 2 wrongs :(
    But that doesn't deter my dream, though

  3. There is some information that is incorrect in this quiz. When shelving fiction you do not ignore the first name. If you did that you would have books written by Anne Rice and Luanne Rice mixed together, which is not convenient for someone searching for books by a specific author.


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