Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shelf Saturday Featuring Author Cody Young

We all love our books, and we want them to have the best shelves ever. Also, this is a new way to sort of show off your book collection, along with your funky shelves.

ARGH thought fitting himself in the bookshelf will help him sleep.

For this new edition of Shelf Saturday, let me feature the book case of romance books author, Cody Young who wrote American Smile and recently released Scandal at the Farmhouse.

I'm Cody Young and I love to read. I've always collected old books, and that seems appropriate now that I have started writing historical fiction - mainly romance - some Young Adult fiction. I was born in England, but I now live in New Zealand. We didn't bring that many books with us, but since we arrived we have collected thousands.
The thing I love most about my bookshelf is that it contains a whole collection of old friends. Wind in the Willows was a favorite when I was little, for example, then I read Noel Streatfield and Judy Blume and Barbara Willard, then Dickens and lots of classics, and then I started collecting really old books like Mrs Beeton's Guide to Household Management
More recently I've read a lot of chick lit and romantic fiction, including the Twilight Saga - which you will see right in the middle of my shelf, with Homer Simpson sitting beside it, looking bemused.

One unique feature of my shelf is that I keep a microscope on it - not sure why - it just lives there. I also have a ladder chair, which I love. It's a chair that folds back into a ladder, and I use it when I want to reach the books that live on top of my shelf - like my Ultimate Teddy Bear Book and my Atlas of the World

Your library just reminded me of my own dream library, Cody.  You've got stairs!  How cool is that?  And it's amazing that you were able to collect thousands of books.  I am in awe.

It's great how you describe books as old friends, I have always thought of my books as my friends too and sometimes there are just books on my shelf that whenever I'm in a bind, I would think to myself:  What would (insert character's name here) do?

That microscope is awesome!  I totally want one, if only for design purposes.  And yes, I do think Homer is looking a bit bemused, maybe a doughnut will help him cope.

Thank you so much for sharing your bookshelves with us, Cody!


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