Review Policy

I love reading books, and one of my goals with this blog is to help encourage people to read them. We all know that nowadays, most people, especially the younger ones, are not very interested in reading. I would like to do my part and review books to prove that reading is fun, and to let people know about great books they can pick up and read.

But because it is difficult to ‘get into’ certain genres, it would be unfair to read a book that I know up front won’t be a good fit with me.  It is difficult for me to find something good in the book, and difficult for the book to convince me to like it.  So to help you in determining whether I would be likely to read your book, please check out these guidelines:

I read fiction.  I enjoy the occasional non-fiction books but I am not likely to write a review on them as they are difficult to write about (at least in my case).  

NO paranormal and/or fantasy genres please.

I am not under any obligation to provide a review of a submitted book that I did not finish.  If I did not finish it, I did not like it – therefore, bad review.  And what author wants a bad review, right?

Reviews would be written/posted within 30 days upon receipt of review copy.  What with work, I only have so many hours in a day for reading and writing about a book. 

No e-books please.  I’m really sorry, I know I’m from the Philippines and shipping is costly, but I used to accept e-books and it affected my blogging capacity since I still have to juggle between blogging and reading the e-book.  I do not have an e-reader so until I get one, I will only accept print books.  (Or maybe you could throw in an e-reader for me and we could work something out :D)

My review will typically include a summary of the book and my thoughts. I don’t have a set length when writing, but I usually do between 250-350 words.

Reviews of the books will be posted here on the blog and on Goodreads and Barnes & Noble, currently, I cannot post reviews on Amazon as I have not yet successfully completed a purchase from their website, which is a prime requirement to write reviews there.  Considering that, I may also post on other specified sites as per the author and/or publisher.

I'm also happy to do interviews, guest posts and contest/giveaways on my blog. If you have any questions, are interested in sending me a book, or would just like to recommend a title, please use the contact form on this blog.