The Girl Behind Brush Up On Your Reading

I am Nina, and I am a book addict. (OK, that sounded a bit like an Alcoholics Anonymous intro)

I got the reading gene from my Mom. She taught me to read very early, and by third grade I was already digging through her books and reading them. I usually finish a 300-page book in a week back then. Now, I collect my own books. My Mom is fond of romance novels, and as much as I like them, there are times when I look for other plots than those I read about in her books. Sometimes I want some hardcore psychological thrillers, or at times, I want me some young adult fiction.

On the other hand, I got the writing/drawing gene from my Dad. Although I am not nearly as good as him.

Now, I typically finish a 300-page book in a day or two, three at most.

Once I tried to Google my name and found that Maureen Johnson wrote a book, The Bermudez Triangle where one of the main characters is Nina Bermudez. We've got the same name!

My favorite authors are (in no particular order):

David Levithan
Arlene J. Chai
Jane Austen
John Grisham
Thomas Harris

If you have any questions, comments, or just simply want to say hi, drop me a message here.