Monday, June 6, 2011

10 Good Things on a Monday: Ten Awesome Wedding Stuff You Should Check Out

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My 10 Good Things for this weekTen Awesome Wedding Stuff You Should Check Out
It's June now!  Officially six months of 2011 has already passed, and you know what?  It's now the time of June weddings!  So what better 10 Good Things than stuff about weddings right?

1.  Invitation off a book page.  What book lover would not love this invite?  Unfortunately, I do not have the source for this photo anymore, but if you do, let me know.  This looks so awesome!

2.  Wedding Blog.  Style Me Pretty must be the best wedding resource site out there.  I love the pictures, the ideas you can get from the weddings posted there, and there are a lot of wedding vendors you can contact from their blog.  You can also share your own wedding, or one that you organized, and let the whole world know how awesome your wedding was!

3.  Don't these shoes look so pretty?  If you're the type of bride who does not want to stick with white shoes but not comfortable with wearing brightly-colored shoes, why not try this beaded ones from norakaren?

4.  Bridal Gown.  This dress from Rosa Clara shows sleek, clean, modern lines - which I am really fond of.  It really exhibits simplicity and innocence while still retaining class and elegance.

5.  Wondering what special drink you can serve on your wedding day?  Why not try Marital Bliss?  Check out Martha Stewart Weddings to prepare this yourself.  Who knows, drinking this might actually make you enjoy marital bliss with your better half.

6.  Wedding Movie.  I know, Sabrina starring Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, and William Holden is not exactly a movie about weddings, unlike The Wedding Planner or My Bestfriend's Wedding, but someone does intend to get married in this film, and the story is very simple and romantic, and the fashion, the FASHION is just so stunning!

7.  Wedding Music.  Marry Me by Train sounds so sweet.  Can't say anything else.

8.  Silver-gray Suit.  As I said, I love modern, clean, simple lines.  And that extends to men's suits.  This suit looks particularly dashing in itself and would surely lend some elegance to any wedding.

9.  Wedding Color for 2011:  Honeysuckle.  Yes, it's the year for this reddish-pink hue, and I do agree that this is a really great wedding color.  After all, I love pink!  The thing is, pink is not always pretty when used in weddings, especially those bubblegum pink dresses that bridesmaids wear that make them look like a huge ball of cotton candy.  Honeysuckle is more classy, and more vibrant than just ordinary pink.

10.  Wedding DIY.  Would you believe, this is a 'just add ice' ice cream?  From the Style Me Pretty blog, this awesome ice cream in a jar is not just great  for weddings, but for almost every special occasion.  Head on over to the Style Me Pretty blog and check out how to do your own ice cream in a jar!

So how about you?  Care to share your Good Things?


  1. Those book page invitations are so very cool. Love 'em. ;)

  2. Ack, I hated wedding planning! My list is here!

  3. What a lovely 10 Good Things you have this week.
    I once saw a wedding invitation that resembled a passport. But an invitation off a book page is such a cool idea!

  4. Wow - ice cream in a jar! That would do for just a normal day... who needs an occasion! Great selection.

  5. Omg Ice cream in a jar?! Omg those shoes! Omg Honeysuckle instead of Pink!?!?!! This is the most awesome 10 things everrrrr. Heheh :)

    I did mine about drinks! Check em out!! Lah's 10 good things

  6. Here is the actual link sorry lol

  7. Hehe love looking at wedding things. but have to agree with everyone else - ice Cream in a jar, crack it out now! :D

    My list is of my top 10 played songs.


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