Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quiz: Do You Know the Authors of These Books?

You love reading books so much you even 'stalk' your favorite books' authors.  After all, these awesome books won't even be available if their authors did not decide to write them.  So as a tribute to these outstanding writers, let's do this quiz from by sharonrasco.  

For the fields below, just enter your desired name and any letter combination on the ID field.

Unfortunately, I only got three seven (I rechecked, I did not cheat, I swear!) correct!  I totally have to widen the range of books I am reading.

Tell me what you got on the comment section below!


  1. I only got one, it was the only one i had heard of - Shiver - the rest I was like 'What?'

    i'm impressed you got 3.

    Have a great week. :D

  2. I got 6!!!! :D Half of those I had never even heard of before. :P


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