Monday, June 27, 2011

10 Good Things on a Monday: Ten Fantastic Book Back Covers

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My 10 Good Things for this weekTen Fantastic Book Back Covers

Just recently, I did a list of Ten Fantastic Book Covers.  Obviously, it showed us the front covers of the books.  And while it's only common that we should show what's in front, I sometimes wonder how a book's back cover feels - if it could feel anything at all.  So to give tribute to the terribly underrated part of a book, let's see some back covers that rock my socks :D

1.  This cover of Wuthering Heights is already tons of awesome, but you see that back part?  I am love, love, loving that window!

2.  I can't exactly tell you what I like about this back cover - maybe the fact that there are some phrases that were enlarged and given more emphasis?  Maybe because it echoes minimalism?  The gray color?  Maybe all of the above!

3.  What I like about this one, I can definitely tell you:  The colors!  I like that it has those smudges of colors arranged in a very orderly way but still looks like it was just thrown together.

4.  I was initially confused about which goes in front and which goes in the back, then I figured it out (obviously the one with the title and author goes in front, stupid me), and although the back part just features words, words, and lots of words and less focus on the design, I loved the awesomeness that the written message tells me.

5.  I have never seen a frumpy cover for Brave New World, every copy of that book looks really cool, and this one by far looks really cool - it just screams 'Acid rock!' to me.

6.  I have this book and I just can't stop staring at the back cover.  It's so clean and really relates to the whole story. 

7.  Where are you?  Why not try asking me what I like?  Because I'm really liking this back cover.

8.  Those wings look really glorious!

9.  When have you ever seen a kiddie book that does not have a really attractive cover?  And this back cover looks whimsy and fun.

10.  Graffiti love! ♥

So tell me, what are your Good Things?


  1. Oh those ARE awesome! Nice list this week! Mine is posted here

  2. Hi cool idea. I did "Top ten enchanting book covers" for mine. here:

  3. nice blog... have a view of my blog when free.. (A Growing Teenager Diary) .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

  4. Hmmm... interesting. I guess I'm one of those who take the back covers for granted, plus I don't really see back covers on the Kindle, so it's nice to see how nicely the covers look when viewed both sides :)

  5. Great choices, they look wonderful! Love the meme idea too, it's fun! :)

    Here's mine:

  6. Great idea. You're so right about back covers. I wonder what books we'd choose if we had to choose by looking at the backs?!!! Could be an interesting experiment!

    Here's my 10 good things for today:

  7. Great list, back covers can be jsut as beautiful as the front!

    My list is my top 10 TV shows.

    Have a great week. :D

  8. I am an avid reader and one of the most important things that draws me to a book is so often the front and back. The front should be what draws you to the book and then the back should always give just enough to wet the appetite. I absolutely hate when the back of the book is devoid of information.
    This week, I chose to do something that when I am stressed out, I can sit and relax. Just looking at them, relaxes me.
    Would love to have you come by for a visit.

  9. I love a good book cover - this is really cool how you showed covers that bleed over onto the back. I love that publishers are taking a more artistic approach to some covers, giving designers freedom to do their thing.

  10. I love a good book cover! Reading is one of my favorite things to do other than working with my plants, and book covers are such a vital part of the book choosing process for me. I've been known to bring home a book just becuase the cover grabbed me.

  11. Wuthering Heights cover is so pretty. Actually they are all very pretty!

    I think I have to settle for a mini-review one of these days. The books are piling up very fast and I don't think I can catch up without one or two mini-reviews =)

    And although a double-sided bookshelf looks appealing to me but come to think of it, I don't have the space at my house for that!

  12. Awesome 10 good things this week Nina! I'm terribly late with mine but here it is!

    There's Nothing Poetic About Fish looks so different. I love it! :)

  13. Wow, I never knew that there are interesting back covers as well. This is something new to look forward to when reading a new book. Thanks! :)

  14. WOw! Those covers are soooo awesome!!!

    Lah @ LazyGirl Reads

  15. Yay, book back covers definitely deserve more love~ These are all brilliant! I especially love the ones for Wuthering Heights and Kira-Kira. I adore it when the back cover is a continuation of the book's front cover.

    Piece of content.Thanks for discussing.I like it very much.

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