Saturday, December 18, 2010

Who is Mr. Austen Robin Gaiman-Holden III?

He's this monster!

I've finally decided on a name!  I know it does not suit him, but I wanted to make his name as snobbish and phony as possible, and I also wanted it to be immediately associated with books:  Austen for Jane Austen, Robin for Robin Hood, Gaiman for Neil Gaiman, and Holden for Holden Caulfield.  I just added the III at the end to make it sound really phony.  His nickname, though, suits him better: ARGH!

Told you his nickname suits him :D

So that's it!  I now have a name for my monster, and this blog's mascot.  See more of ARGH in future posts!

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I just have to tell you, ARGH feeds on awesomeness, so if you can, drop him some awesome here, and I promise to give some awesome back :D

Right now, because of my really busy schedule, I'm cutting back on receiving awards. So until further notice, me and ARGH would not be accepting awards. But thank you for thinking of us, we really appreciate it!