Saturday, December 4, 2010

Busting the Newbie Blues

As you all know, I just started this blog late November 2010, and it's really challenging to put up a pretty decent blog, what with all the really cool book blogs out there (yours). It's a good thing though, that I still gained followers and some thumbs up with my content.

Another good thing, is that I found this pretty cool event of Small Review Busting the Newbie Blues. Really great indeed, it aims to help those who are only starting out, trying to connect them with established bloggers to gain insight and the boost they need to get their blogs out there.

This event will run from December 3 to December 31, 2010. Head on to Small Review's blog to check out the rules. Anyone can join!

So here are some questions that I answered:

Q: When did you start your blog?

A: I started my blog on November 20, 2010, so I'm pretty new to the blogosphere.

Q: Why did you start your blog?

A: I've always loved reading books, and most times I love talking about books I've read. I also observed that there are a lot of people who are not as fond of reading, or does not know what book to read if they are interested. So I decided to put up a blog to talk about books I've enjoyed and hated, which I hope might help those who'd look at my blog pick out a book that might interest them.

Q: What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

A: Actually putting up my blog on the internet. I've always been the big planner, but some of my plans I never really do because I get these warm fuzzies and I feel like I might be in too deep and I may never be able to keep up with it.

Q: What do you like best about the blogs you read? Have you tried to replicate this in your blog?

A: The reviews of course! I also love the giveaways part and the posts that give you a preview to up and coming books. I have different stuff I love in each blog, but I don't think I'd like to do all of them in mine because that wouldn't be me anymore. I just keep visiting those blogs that I love so I can admire and appreciate theirs. With regards to the giveaways, I might try that someday :D

Q: What do you find most encouraging?

A: I love that I just started out but I began to gain some followers, and new friends on the way. I am very encouraged by the response with my blog, and I hope I can really keep doing great in this.

So there you go. Head on to Small Review if you'd like to join. For established bloggers, do visit also because she's also got something for you.


  1. your blog is so good! I'm surprised at how new it is. Can't wait to read some of your reviews :)

  2. Hi Nina, thanks for dropping by! Looks like you've got a great start on things here. I know what you mean, I wasn't too sure how long I would last as a blogger but five months later and I'm still going strong... :D Welcome to the book blogosphere!

  3. Great answers :) Thanks for following me!

  4. I enjoyed reading your answers. You mirrored my thoughts in a lot of what you said. I've been having a look around your blog and I really like it. I just followed you. Just in time too I see as when I refreshed the page your new post about your giveaway popped up!

  5. Thanks for participating! I never would have guessed how new your blog is. It looks great!

    I liked what you said about admiring what other bloggers do, but not doing all those things in your blog. I love how, while there are so many YA book blogs out there, they're all unique. Each blogger offers something different, and I think that's what makes this community so great.

    I'll be stopping back to check out more of your blog. :)

  6. You're doing a great job with your blog! I love it's layout and your content. Keep up the good work and you'll go far! :)

  7. Wow, I can't believe you only *just* started your blog! You've come a long way in such a short time. I'm so happy to have found your blog through this event!

  8. Thank you, everyone! I'm glad you like what I've been churning out on this blog. Rest assured that I will keep on working on this blog to provide you with better content :D

  9. You definitely have done a good job on the blog. :)

  10. Great blog :) I really liked your answers. I'm new to the blogger world too. If you have time check out my blog. Thanks :D

  11. Hi fellow newbie!

    I really enjoyed your answers, and as others have been saying you have come a long way since starting! Great job!

  12. Thank you! It's a challenge trying to say on top of my blog but it's really worth it :D


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