Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Brush Up On Your Reading is a Best New Blog Nominee!

So I was busy minding my own business when I decided to check out my dashboard for new posts when I saw that two of the blogs I'm following are nominated for Best New Blog for 2010.  I headed on to their blogs to check it out and congratulate them and decided to visit the blog hosting this award, Mindful Musings when, lo and behold!  My blog is right there, on the nominees for Best New Blog for 2010!  Can you say WOW?  Brush Up On Your Reading has only been here for exactly a month and we are already in the running to becoming America's Next Top Model Best New Blog for 2010!  From the bottom of my heart and ARGH's non-heart, we'd love to say:
 He was so thrilled when he heard the news

The awards also includes Best Blog for 2010, and to help the blogs we're rooting for, we need to vote for them.  Head on over to Mindful Musing's blog to cast your vote.  I'm not really expecting you to vote for me but ARGH does and says he'll eat anyone who doesn't vote for us, just head on over there to check it out, maybe your blog's in there too. 

So that's it, thank you again to whomever put us on the nominees, being nominated is already a big honor!


  1. I know! And I found your blog there too! Congrats to all of us nominees!

  2. Congrats Nina! Wish you all the best. :')

  3. Congrats! You deserve it; you post, like, a bazillion book reviews a week!


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