Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So 5 Minutes Ago by Hilary de Vries

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Title:  So 5 Minutes Ago
Author:  Hilary de Vries
Publisher:  Villard
Language: English
ISBN-13:  978-1400061389

If I previously thought that chick lit will always be the best go-to book for a light read, then I am now going to change that opinion.  This book was too negative and whiny and I could not get through each chapter without thinking that I would love to strangle the main character Alex if I were given the chance.

The story is about a Hollywood publicist in her thirties,  Alex Davidson, who finds herself torn between her loyalty for her previous DWP boss Suzanne, and the new boss of  DWP -  G, amidst juggling her career keeping B-list Hollywood clients' careers afloat, her personal and love life, and her family.  

This book had so much promise because once I read the blurb in the book, it just screams "Girl Power!" and that was why I could not wait to read it.  I. Was. Wrong.  The potential girl power story turned out to be a major bitch fest of a thirty-something woman against the whole world.  I would have been able to look past that if the rest of the story is great but the lukewarm climax and ending, the fictional celebrity names like 'Scrappy,' 'Scooby,' or 'Phoenix,' and shallow minor conflicts that tried to create tension where there shouldn't be did not help this read to be salvageable.

But bland, whiny plot aside, I thought the writing was good, dialogue crisp, characters vivid and realistic.  I would have loved even bitchy Alex if the plot were different or written more creatively.  Among the characters however, I loved Steve, Alex's assistant, the most.  He's such a fun, down-to-earth, and efficient assistant and friend to Alex, I would have loved to meet him if he were real.  

So overall, this book is light, interesting due to its Hollywood theme, but not really that earth-shattering.  If you would like to get an inside peek on Hollywood, you may pick up this book, but only for the sole purpose of looking into the inner workings of that formidable industry.  Otherwise, steer clear of this book.  A good read this book does not make.  Only something to waste time while I dunno, waiting for your break in Hollywood, I guess.

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