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Book Review: The Fire Inside by Raymond Rose

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Book Info
Title:  The  Fire Inside
Author:  Raymond Rose
Publisher:   Christopher Williams Books
Language: English
Format:  E-book (Adobe Digital Edition)
Pages:  339 pages
Source:  Advanced reader's digital copy from the author, Raymond Rose


From Goodreads
"Ten years ago, Jack and Bruce barely survived a battle royale between good and evil that left half of their city destroyed. Over the years, they’ve drifted apart – their lives going separate paths. Now Bruce is back in town looking for Jack’s help. Because what’s about to happen is worse than anything they could imagine!"

Can you say X-Men with a twist?  The Fire Inside, the first book in the Sidekicks series by Raymond Rose should have been made into a graphic novel, what with all the action-packed scenes and death-defying heroics by its totally amazing characters.

If you ever wondered what happened to Batman, Spiderman, Flash Gordon, and all the other popular super heroes out there when they got older and needed to retire - or perhaps needed to start anew after their real identities were revealed - then The Fire Inside is perfect for you.  This book, with its world-weary and reluctant former super hero, perfectly captures what could have been a super hero's life after saving the world.  Bruce and Jack were part of the Teen Protectors, an elite group of super heroes who used their powers to defend mankind against The Villains.  Ten years later, with the two friends drifting apart and Jack leading a quiet, unexciting life, Bruce returns and asks for Jack's help that turns their lives - along with others like them - upside down.

This book was awesome!  A little predictable but hey, the fight between good versus evil has always been the issue and admit it or not, we all want good to win and have a happy ending.  I am not saying that that is what happens in this story, but I assure you that you will get a bit of that, plus a whole lot more than you can ever imagine.

It was such an adrenaline rush to read this book because of all the running and the fighting and the guessing that I literally found myself gasping for air as some shocking development was revealed.  The excitement never stops and when I turned the last page, my  first thought was I have to ask Mr. Rose to release the next book soon!  This book was on my mind for days after I have finished it and all the scenes kept coming back to me.

Bruce and Jack were very strong characters in this book.  They were the best of friends but they could not have been more different from each other.  Bruce is level-headed, analytical, and had a very satisfying family life with his parents.  Jack is emotional, volatile, and had never known any family until he became part of the Teen Protectors and met Bruce and others like him.  I swear, after reading about them, a part of my mind was somehow convinced that people like them do exist and that I had to find them.  Another part placed them along the ranks of other super heroes that I know.  They were so relatable and very likable and I enjoyed witnessing their friendship and their adventures.  The other characters were equally good as their own individual stories provided very credible information about each person.  They were very interesting and I liked reading about their powers.

That said, I am looking forward to the next  book off this series, as I hope to see more of these characters and their powers, and what would happen to them next. 

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I received this book free of charge from the author, Raymond M. Rose, in exchange for an honest and truthful review. This, in no way, affected my opinion or review of this book.

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  1. Wow! I'm excited to read this now! Solid review as always :)

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