Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Armchair BEA Day 3: The Network

Hello Armchairers!  We are now on Day 3 of Armchair BEA, wow!  We're almost halfway toward wrapping up the week.  For today, we are supposed to publish an interview we did with another blogger but as I learned about Armchair BEA at the last minute, I was unable to snag an interview with some awesome bloggy friends of mine.  
So in place of an interview, I would like to do something different.  ARGH will be interviewing me about some of my blogger friends, which might prove very interesting.

Here goes:

ARGH:  Are you going to play favorites?

Me:  Sort of?  Not really, I'm just going to talk some of the blogger friends who are also participating in this year's Armchair BEA.  And I might also mention a few who may not be participating but whom I really like.

ARGH:  Okay, blogger friend number 1.  Does this friend have a mustache?

Me:  No!  But this blogger friend does have an awesome talent for singing, and must be the coolest nerd I've ever known (apart from myself :D).  I'm talking about none other than Lah from Lazy Girl Reads.

Lah reads a lot of James Patterson (his suspense thrillers), lives in New York, and is actually the first ever blogger who helped me spread my very first feature/meme, 10 Good Things on a Monday.  Because she is an opera singer, which I automatically classify as a music freak, she is my go-to girl for when I want to talk about background music for some books I read.  When I began receiving blog awards, she's the first blogger I think of to pass on an award.  And apparently, I'm the first one she thinks of too to send an award.

ARGH:  So apart from being each others' award sender, how else is Lah special to you?

Me:  If being the first blogger to support 10 Good Things on a Monday is not enough to make her special to me, then commenting on almost every post I made and being my 90th follower does.  And besides, she loves you in glasses.

ARGH:  So that was her!  I love her too!

Me:  Oh come on, if I didn't remind you that she was the one who liked your glasses and thought you were cute, you wouldn't even care.

ARGH:  But I do!  And all your readers think I'm cute.

Me:  *rolls my eyes*

ARGH:  So blogger friend number 2.  Does this blogger walk backwards?

Me:  She could probably do that but not every time.  My next blogger friend I am featuring is Small from Small Review.  Her blog is filled with so many awesome book things.  I met her through her feature, Busting the Newbie Blues where each newbie answers a set of questions to let other bloggers get to know them more.  In a way, I rode on her popularity :D

Small Review

ARGH:  So you used her.  How could you!

Me:  I didn't.  That feature was open to everyone, and it was how I got to know her and made me decide she's awesome.  And remember our  first Nina vs. ARGH article?  It was totally inspired by her Cover Crazy post and she knows it because she's amazing. 

ARGH:  Great blog features, inspiration for one of our posts, amazing blogger.  I got it.  So blogger number 3.  Is this blogger an alien?

Me:  Well, if she visits the Philippines, then she'll be considered an alien.  Becky from Becky's Barmy Book Blog is from the UK, and is such a Gleek, that's why I'm so happy to get to know her because I'm a Gleek to and it's fun to have someone to gush about Glee!

Becky Barmy Book Blog

Actually, last week, I was able to feature her on this new segment, Shelf SaturdayCheck out Becky's book shelf and get to know about her massive book collection as well as a little bit about herself.

ARGH:  Now for other blogger friends, that is, those whose names you did not see listed over at Armchair BEA and whom you just wanted to give a shout out.  I'm going to mention some of them and give me the first word that pops into your head the moment you hear their name.


Kelsa from The Amateur Voice of Could-Be Writer 

Me:  Gold

ARGH:  Ruperto from Bookable Reads 

Me:  Blog kuya (big brother)

ARGH:  Ao from Aobibliosphere 

Me:  Unisex

ARGH:  Ann from The Book Gatherer 

Me:  Intelligent

ARGH:  Jenni Elyse 

Me:  Pink

ARGH:  Khadija from Black Fingernailed Reviews 

Me:  Poignant

ARGH:  Playing.Librarian.  Why do you not know her name?

Me:  TBR list.  She does not give it away.

ARGH:  Cat from Cat the Librarian 

Me:  Shelf

ARGH:  That's it.  I hope you're satisfied.

Me:  I'm more than satisfied!  I'm so glad to have known all these wonderful bloggers and I am looking forward to meeting them personally someday.  And I'm also excited to share their blogs with you fellow Armchairers so you could also experience their awesomeness.


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    This is the best post ever! I need to do something similar but it just won't compare!!!!! Thanks for saying nice things about me! I can't beleive that you remembered that I was your 90th follower! And I'm so glad to do your 10 things! They make my week start off right! I'm way behind on them and will have to make up for lost time! :)

    ARGH: I *do* love you in glasses! You rule! And I've got some meatballs with your name on it!

  2. That was a fantastic interview! I loved it and I love that you think if pink when you hear my name. :) Thanks for the shout out!

  3. Ok, I just started reading your post, and I'm already laughing! :P

    Ok, I finished reading it all now. I'll have to go check out those other bloggers!

    Thanks for following my blog! I thought I was already a follower of yours, buuuutt google says I wasn't, so I guess not... I am now!

    Super great blog. I really love ARGh. You should keep him (her?) around forever. :)

    Jennifer of Little Shelf

  4. Ah, ok. ARGH is a him. Thought so. Got it. ;)

    Jennifer of Little Shelf

  5. Awww, wow thank you that is so sweet of you. And YAY GLEE!!!

    My post is up, and great minds think alike, as I think you'll see a name you know!

    Keep rocking and enjoying Armchair BEA.

    Give ARGH a hug from me. :D

  6. *Blushes furiously* X3;


    *super awesome love you hug*

    I love your interview of Nina, ARGH. Very awesome. And I think you look good with your glasses, too. ;)

    Kelsa P.

  7. You always come up with fun and creative things for your blog post! A surprise to see my blog mentioned in there!! Thanks.. you're one of the first friends I have since I started this blog earlier this year =) It's awesome if we could meet up someday..never been to the Philippines, though.

    And oh, will be emailing you my Shelf Saturday post soon!!

  8. What a CUTE idea!! I am sad you weren't able to sign up in time to participate in the round-robin interviews but I adore what you did instead. Great list. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Aw, Nina you are the best! I love you and ARGH together. You're so creative!

  10. hi Nina! lol! thanks for the shoutout! c",)


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