Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shelf Saturday

This new feature is where I will showcase interesting bookshelves. We all love our books, and we want them to have the best shelves ever. Also, this is a new way to sort of show off your book collection, along with your funky shelves.

So to christen this new segment, let me share to you my PINK book shelf:

It's pink!!!

I do not have that many books yet - unlike most of you out there - but I am pretty proud of my shelf as it's in my FAVORITE color, and I am actually the one who made that :D scratches and cuts regardless.

But actually my collection has actually grown because on the top shelf, I used to put all my nursing text books there, but I had to keep most of them now in a vacant space inside my wardrobe, and gave some away to my brother (those he can use for dental school, anyway):

Right now, my books are arranged according to author, regardless of genre. My brother, my Mom, and The Boyfriend frequently borrows books from my shelf and they said that it's easier for them to find books through that system. But every few weeks or so, I rearrange my shelf to reflect my current mood, or whatever I thought would work. I sometimes arranged it according to size, favorites, color, genre, from awesomesauce to fugly books, etc. I love rearranging my books!

This is the best book shelf accessory, in my opinion. This snow globe was given to me by a really awesome friend of mine, who also loves reading books:

So there you have it, my pink book shelf and my obsession with rearranging my shelves.


Think this is a great idea?  Want to have your shelves featured?  Then fill out this form and ARGH and I will email you for details on how to be a movie star - er, how to be featured on Shelf Saturday :D


  1. I need to buy a new bookshelf as mine is crammed full, I was thinking of going to Ikea today to get another one but I have a cold and can't be bothered! Anyway bookshelves are on my brain today and then I saw your post and it made me laugh and yes my blog is called My keeper shelf!!!

  2. How cool! I'm in the process of re-organzing my reading room and my apartment in general. But when I take some cool pictures of it, I will send you my shelf...although I feel like it's a boring shelf with a lot of music scores on it!

  3. I love seeing other people's book shelves. Love it.
    I'll send you mine if you want. :D

  4. Ooooo I love your pretty pink shelf!

    Unforunately, I have 4 big 5-shelf bookshelves - 2 black, and 2 brown. They're those like $25 ones from Walmart. I CANNOT wait until me & the honeyman buy a house so I can invent is some new, awesome bookshelves.

  5. i love your pink bookshelf! my mom also borrows some of my books! and yeah... sometimes, by boyfriend too! :D

  6. What a fun idea! I looooove the pink bookshelf!

  7. Your book shelf is awesome .. and what, you made it yourself? That's really awesome.

    Would love to have my bookshelf be featured on your blog =)

  8. PINK!! So awesome :) I love looking at fellow bookworms' shelves. Mine are a mess now and not at all how I want them, but hopefully that will change after I move.

  9. I don't know HOW I missed this fun post! :O

    I love rearranging my books when I can, speaking of which I MUST do soon because its getting cluttered AGAIN!

    Kelsa P.


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