Monday, May 23, 2011

10 Good Things on a Monday: My Ten Favorite Quotes From Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

10 Good Things on a Monday is a weekly feature  I am doing dedicated to every person's compulsive list-writing.  Every Monday we are going to make a list of 10 things that will cheer us up and help tide us over the whole week.

Here's how it works:
  1. Think of a particular group of good things you want to make a list on, does not necessarily have to be about books, e.g. your current book wish list, or your favorite book foods (you know, foods you love to eat while reading, if you're like me), or your favorite girly names, whatever you can think of, as long as it makes you feel good.
  2. If you have no ideas for a list, you can always visit my blog post to check out my theme for that week and you can take a cue from my list.
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  5. Everybody goes through the whole week happy!

My 10 Good Things for this weekTen  Favorite Quotes from Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

Ever had a book that if you're marker-happy, that book's pages would all be marked in some neon-colored marker or something?  Well, mine's this book.  I loved Will Grayson, Will Grayson from start to finish and it was really a struggle not to highlight any of those favorite passages of mine.  I did, however, write them down as I read them.  
  1. "You like someone who can't like you back because unrequited love can be survived in a way that once-requited love cannot. " 
  2.  "I have a friend request from some stranger on Facebook and I delete it without looking at the profile because that doesn't seem natural. 'Cause friendship should not be as easy as that. It's like people believe all you need to do is like the same bands in order to be soulmates. Or books. omg... U like the outsiders 2... it's like we're the same person! No we're not. It's like we have the same English teacher. There's a difference." 
  3. "This is why we call people exes, I guess - because the paths that cross in the middle end up separating at the end. It's too easy to see an X as a cross-out. It's not, because there's no way to cross out something like that. The X is a diagram of two paths."  
  4. "Anything that happens all at once is just as likely to unhappen all at once, you know?" 
  5. "Dear Jane,

    Just so you know: e. e. cummings cheated on both of his wives. With prostitutes.

    Will Grayson"  
  6. "rolf! what? are you really rolling on the floor laughing? well, please stay down there for a sec while I KICK YOUR ASS." 
  7. "I call my mom from the car. I tell her that Neutral Milk Hotel is playing at the Hideout and she says, 'Who? What? You're hiding out?'..."
  8. "Compromise is when you do what I tell you and I do what I want."
  9. "i am constantly torn between killing myself and killing everyone around me. those seem to be the two choices. everything else is just killing time." 
  10. "You like someone who can’t like you back because unrequited love can be survived in a way that once-requited love cannot." 

Admit it, those quotes were awesome! 

So what are your Good Things?

Have a great Monday, everyone!

BEA is just around the corner, I sure am bummed not to be going, but to those who will, don't forget us who won't be there okay?  Tell us your stories, include us in the fun!

Maybe someday I will come :D


  1. I love the second quote. I might just do this. If so, I'll come back and post the link.

  2. Mine's up too! Happy Monday!

  3. Mine's up now, have a great week

  4. I love quote number 8!
    Here's my good things today:

  5. I love #8 too. Here is mine - I went through my Goodreads favorite quotes :)

  6. I love number 6 lol!!

    I was inspired by your 10 things so I did one similar.

    It's up here:

    Have a great week

  7. 3, 6 & 8 are excellent! :D

    Here's mine:

    Kelsa P.

  8. Pppsssssst: Thanks for providing such a fun start to my weeks!


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