Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quiz: Which Romeo and Juliet Character Are You?

If I am being such a cynic, I would say that Romeo and Juliet is not a love story, but a long-winded, undeserved tribute to two spoiled children who would not listen to their parents and killed themselves because they could not have their own way.

But I am not a cynic, although I am not a romantic either.  But I do appreciate the story and the lesson within its words and events.  So for this week, I would like to see which Romeo & Juliet character each of us are like by answering this quiz from by Natalie Sung.

Curious about what I got?  Here goes:

My Result: Friar Lawrence
on quiz: Which Romeo & Juliet character are you??!
You are very intelligent in many things and from experience, you are wise and usually give advice to other friends. Your friends always come to you when in need of help, and you are always willing to do anything in order to help them. You are loyal and can keep a secret well. However, you try to tell the truth as often as possible. You want to keep a good reputation and will sometimes disappoint people to keep it.
(You gave poison to Juliet. Enough said)
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I poisoned Juliet!!!

So what character are you?


  1. My Result: Mercutio

    Ahh! You, sir, are a very carefree person indeed. You crack wise jokes all the time and is the funniest person wherever you go. Your friends love you for being around not only for your humor but your incredible loyalty. You can't just stand by and watch if anyone is bullying your friends and happen to sometimes bite off more than you can chew.

    (you need to stop making sexual references to your friends)

    Wow. You have no idea how accurate mine is Nina. Especially the sexual references to friends part! XD;

    Kelsa P.

  2. Haha, I got the same as you Nina! I can't believe I poisoned Juliet! *gasp* Mine's pretty accurate though, and my friends always come to me for advice. Haha, I love these quizzes and they're so much fun!

  3. @Kelsa: Sexual references? That is so funny!

    @T.B.: Mine's not as accurate though. Friends always come to me for advice but only when they're desperate!

  4. Hey

    I got Romeo...i can live with that.

    Liking your post.

    Amy (new follower).

  5. My Result: The Prince
    on quiz: Which Romeo & Juliet character are you??!
    You are the most respected out of all of your friends. People listen to you and what you say is the law. You're fair and many people come to you for impartial decisions and punishments. Having to clean up other people's mistakes, you are like the mother of your group. You hate when people are fighting and just want them to make up with each other.

    Yey? XD


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