Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Few Words to Read While I'm Still MIA

Finally gave me your explanation
But I still don't understand
Perhaps I just don't trust you enough
To even take your hand.
I know, it's not nearly enough to make up for the whole time I've been AWOL.  And I will still be off line in another few days but I hope you can bear with the silence a little bit longer.


  1. It sounds like something very sad is going on in your life, judging by the sound of your poem. I hope whatever troubles you will not keep you from us too much longer. We miss you, ya know? :(


  2. I miss you, but don't worry about taking time. You do what you need to do and I'll still be here when you get back :)

  3. Hey Nina!! I'm glad I'm not the only one MIA! Hope all is well and that you're just busy living life :)

    I actually am hopping by to thank you for completing my mini-challenge with an exclusive-no passing around or making a post about it-award that you can just throw in your pile of awards if you want!! Here's the link for you to grab it: Award.

    Hope to see you back around soon!

    Lah @ Lazy Girl Reads

  4. @Kelsa: Don't worry, everything's fine, I was just listening to John Mayer at the time and the poems just poured out of me - unfortunately, they were all kind of sad. I missed blogging too!

    @Small: Thanks for staying around, I'm back!

    @Lah: I was totally busy! Thank you for the award!


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