Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Weekly Book Report: 4/18 - 4/24/2011

It's a wonderful day, right?  To everyone, let me just tell you:

I'm supposed to be really happy because I got a four-day vacation, thanks to the Lenten Season, but I'm a bit down right now  because I just finished all the books in my TBR and well, it's Sunday and tomorrow's Monday again and it's back to work for me too!  I love having vacations, I wish I could do them more often (with pay, natch!).

And blame it on my vacation, but I know I have not been very active this week.  I really maximized the vacay to do stuff I needed to do - like clean my room and take out all those clothes that don't fit me anymore.  Did you know that the last time I threw out old clothes was when I was 18 years old?  I'm 25 now so that's 7 years already.  I ended up with a really huge heap of old clothes afterward.

So on to the week in review:

Book Review:
Bandits by LM Preston - ARC review
Music Monday "Burning in the Skies" by Linkin' Park for Bandits by LM Preston
10 Good Things on a Monday  Ten Favorite Photos I Took

Other Posts:

I know.  Pathetic, right?  

Currently Reading:  Nothing. 

New on the blog:  I have a new signature!  You may see this at the bottom of each of my posts:
I wanted a new  signature and thought that the monsters on either side would go well since I have ARGH with me on the blog.  I will not be changing the signatures for my previous posts so you may still see the old signature but from here on, all my posts would be using this new one.

Moral Lesson for the Day:  It is possible to live through a day without reading any book.  But it sucks.  Like you're living on artificial oxygen.

New Learning for the Week:  Finishing all the books in your TBR is possible.  And then it feels like your life is over.

Have a great new week!



  1. LOL! I just love your Easter Image. I stopped by to send wishes and hugs and you give me a smile. Thanks!

    I still have a giveaway open.  I will be closing it this coming Friday.  April 30th.  6 books are up for grabs if you are interested --->  Here  ;)

    Mad Scientist
    Steampunkery & Book Reviews
    For The L♥ve of Reading

  2. Happy Easter Nina! I love your mad paint skillz. They just keep getting more and more impressive each week! :D



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