Friday, April 1, 2011

What I Got Out of Someone's Kindness

Book Soulmates

In the fun yet busy month of March, I found the time to sign up for the March edition of Random Acts of Kindness hosted by Isalys and Vanessa over there at Book Soulmates.  I was not really expecting anyone to take note of my wishlist until I got this message in the mail:

Hi Nina,

I just found your blog through Random Acts of Kindness. I love the design and the artwork you post! I noticed you have These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf on your wishlist. I'd love to get this book for you as my random act of kindness since Gudenkauf is an alum of the university I attend and lives about an hour away from me. I'd love to sprinkle an Iowa writer in the Philippines! If you send me your address I'll order the book through The Book Depository for you!

English Major's Junk Food
Green Reads podcast

I was totally freaking out that someone took notice of my wish list there!  Ash from English Major's Junk Food has such a great blog that not only did I get a new book from this cool blogger, I also found another blog to stalk :D

Yesterday, when I got home tired and irritable from work, a very mysterious package was lying on the table.  I asked my brother who it is for and he said that it's for me.  I went to pick it up and found that it's from The Book Depository, and since I haven't bought anything there for me, I immediately thought of Ash and the book she was going to send me.  I opened it and gasped, this book that I have been scouring bookshelves of all bookstores I've been to in the past few months, this book that seems very hard to find here in the Philippines, this book is finally in my hands!

Click on the photo to know more about this book
To Ash who sent me this book, ARGH and I would like to say:
And that's how I got a book out of someone's kindness. :D


  1. How awesome Nina! You are so deserving of a random act of kindness! Looking forward to your review:)

  2. Aw, what a great story!! Thank you so much for sharing it and I'm so glad you got something that brightened your day :)

    Vanessa & I couldn't be happier at how amazingly well RAK has turned out. It's so great to see how kind & generous book bloggers really are!

    We hope you enjoy your new book!
    Isalys (& Vanessa)
    Book Soulmates


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