Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quiz: Which Harry Potter Adult Character Are You Most Compatible With?

I am back with another quiz!  I wanted to do something really book-related but have decided that 'How Much Do You Know About Harry Potter' quizzes are already too common, and besides, I've never read Harry so it's sort of inappropriate and unfair.  Maybe when I've decided to change my mind and read up on all the books then I might put up that sort of quiz here, using all that I have learned.  But for now, for something different, let's see who we are most compatible with among the adult characters from that famous series, thanks to ameliasnape12345678 from again,

Have fun and don't forget to share your quiz result in the Comments section all right?

I got Dumbledore, and though I haven't read any of the books, I have an idea about him during hour-long sessions of Harry Potter fan-girl talk between two of my friends. I think he's kinda cute, but I heard he's gay, right?


  1. I got Dumbledore too. It's kind of ironic since Dumbledore is gay and I'm a female.

  2. I got Sirus!! YESSSSSS LOVE HIM in the books.

    And yeah, JK says he's gay, after the entire series...although there was no indication in the books whatsoever. It was the most arbitrary statement the woman's ever made. Might as well say he was Purple because that makes just as much sense as him being gay.

  3. Haha cool quiz! I got Sirius as well as Lazy Girl!

    Thanks for letting us know about the quiz!

  4. I got Severus Snape, too. Kind of a weird guy, but whatever LOL.


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