Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where Was I?

So I haven't posted anything lately - two days to be exact - because I was too sick to bother working on my blog, even opening the computer was not much of a priority to me, I just wanted to lie down and sleep and eat and read some and then sleep some more.  I've been sick for a week already, but Thursday and Friday were the worst sick days of my week so I just stayed in bed.

Luckily for me, I had my books - I actually finished three - to keep me company.  The television made me dizzy so I just played music.  And, to cheer me up:

Please ignore the floral sheets
I ate that with my fingers.  I love dark chocolate!  That's not my room though.  I slept in my mother's bedroom.  That's what I do when I'm feeling really down or something.  Her room is almost like her - warm and comforting.

So anyway, because I've been 'absent' for two days, and I finished three books, I have three book reviews coming up for the following:

Fat Hoochie Prom Queen by Nico Medina
Fat Vampire by Adam Rex - This was not on my TBR but I was given a copy by a friend during my sick days.
A Dangerous Dress by Julia Holden

AND, I have my FIRST EVER Author Interview!  I'm torn between telling you which author that would be or not, and I'm really excited about this but you might lose interest if I told you beforehand, but then you might lose interest all the same if I left you hanging, but - OK, enough with the babbling, I'm going to tell you.


For my FIRST EVER Author Interview, I'm going to feature the genius behind Life on the Refrigerator Door, Alice Kuipers!

I think I still have a couple of tricks up my sleeve, but these are what you need to know so far.  Happy weekend to all of us!

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  1. Oh no, poor you! I hope you're feeling better soon. That jar of chocolate looks amazing.

    Congrats on your author interview!


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