Thursday, January 20, 2011

Does This Ever Happen To You?

I've been to the mall earlier today and of course, I made a beeline to the bookstore.  Looking through books, I decided I was going to buy ONLY ONE book as I still have a lot of book to be read.  So I came across a copy of Room by Emma Donoghue (that I kinda want to read) and Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly (that sort of interested me), and I was torn between them!  So I walked another hour around the bookstore, looking for a clincher but finding nothing, I decided to just let it go and see other shops while I decide.

 Room or Revolution?  Hmmm... both starts with an R!

So I went to the secondhand book shop and lo and behold!  I find a used copy of Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenneger priced at less than 89 percent!  And it's hardcover too so really awesome!

From Php 1,134 it's just Php 125!  Awesome awesome awesome‼

I may not have bought Room or Revolution, but I got a great find on a potentially great book.

Does this ever happen to you, a) Being torn between two books and instead finding a perfect third one; b) Being torn between two books and when you've finally decided on one, you find that it's actually the last one and another customer has already bought it; c) Being torn between two books and deciding on one, only to realize it's a terrible book?


  1. I don't usually buy books until I've read them, but I've had all those experiences with library books. At least with library books I don't have to worry so much about choosing just one.

  2. Yes this does happen pretty often! I tend to get my books from the bargain bin in Borders or Barnes and Noble but I never thing to go to a used bookstore. What a great idea!

    And, I'm still in the works for the whole book club thing. I need like 3 other people to be onboard and then I will do it for sure.

    Also, I think I'd like to go to BEA but I'm going to see if I have enough money and if I could meet up with some bloggers there. Seems like it will be fun!

  3. Every. Damn. Day.

    Well....almost. I've got a constant long list of books I want to read or own. Everytime I go to start a new one it's like Sophie's Choice. Sometimes I regret the decision, sometimes I go for the long shot and it turns out really well.

    I've read 2/3 of these and have to say: Room trumped Her Fearful Symmetry, but neither quite lived up to the hype in my opinion.


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