Saturday, January 15, 2011

Third Sentence Thursday and Follow Friday - Saturday Edition

As mentioned in my previous post, I got sick - took sick to blog, if you can believe that.  But I'm back now, and I'm going to make up for lost time.  Hence, late editions of two of my favorite memes:  Third Sentence Thursday and Follow Friday :D

First off, Third Sentence Thursday:

Third Sentence Thursday

Third Sentence Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books to keep third sentences from rebelling from obscurity!

This week's theme is pick a third sentence that best describes your mood this week.

1) Find a third sentence that describes your mood.
2) Post a link to your sentence here or if you don't have a blog, just post it in the comments!
3) Find out how other people are feeling this week.
4) Prepare for next week's theme: Third Sentence Review!

My Third Sentence:

My sentence this week is from Life on the Refrigerator Door by Alice Kuipers, because I have an upcoming post about an interview I did with her, and I want those who are not familiar with her book get to know about it a little.

"A walk will be lovely.  Exercise and broccoli.  As you say, darling." 

-page 140, Life on the Refrigerator Door by Alice Kuipers

I really need to go the healthy route right now, I hate being sick.


And now, for Follow Friday:

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee's View and this week's question is:

What makes up your Non-Human Family?

Does that include inanimate objects and made-up characters?  Because sorry, I do not have pets.  However, if the pet of another person that I am very close to applies, then I guess The Boyfriend's puppy named Puppy is part of my family.  Unfortunately, Puppy does not have any pictures yet, I'll take one the next time I come over The Boyfriend's house.  

Another member of my non-human family is:

Of course, ARGH my bookish monster

He has been the one helping me review all the books I read and featured here.  

I guess I have a totally lame life, I can't even have my own pet!  

So that's it, Happy Weekend!


  1. LOL...I love that it's Third sentence Thursday & Follow Friday the SATURDAY edition. That is fantastic. You are so funny. I can't believe you're reading Fat Hoochie Prom Queen! I cannot wait to see what you thought of it!

  2. I think ARGH is a perfectly legitimate pet!

  3. Old follower, wanted to say hi! Drop by if you get a chance!
    Giving away Rot & Ruin and Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry!



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