Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nina vs. ARGH: Dash and Lily's Book of Dares US vs. Aussie Cover

You all know how crazy I am for Dash and Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan.  Believe it or not, every time I see a post about that book, I'll make it a point to read it, though I don't comment much (sorry, I'll try to improve on that).  But there was this one time, when I saw Chachic's - of Chachic's Book Nook - book review of Dash and Lily - ,  I discovered this awesome, awesome book cover, which she said was the Aussie edition.  ARGH and I loved it, but I told him I still liked the US version. So we decided to do a Small Review and make a 'Cover Crazy'-like comparison (argument) between the two.

Here's what we're talking about:

                                              Aussie                                                    U.S.

I said that I liked the U.S. cover better because:
  1. It's the cover of my own Dash and Lily copy.
  2. It's red, which reminds me of the red notebook they passed back and forth.
  3. It gives you that Christmas-y aura and the feeling that you are getting a piece of New York, those things reminded me of their adventure through passing the red notebook back and forth.  For me, that Book of Dares was what made Dash and Lily's relationship special because really, how often do you meet a person through a notebook in a bookstore?  Dash and Lily may be different and under ordinary circumstances would never think of hooking up, so making them come together is romantic enough, but it only gets more awesome and book worthy because they met in a totally unique way, knowing and understanding each other before they actually met.

On the other hand, ARGH liked the Aussie cover because:

  1. It features a caricature of Dash and Lily which shows how different they are from each other.  That makes ARGH appreciate more how these two teenagers who are worlds apart in their personalities and backgrounds come together.
  2. The sketch enforces the visual he has of Dash and Lily in his mind and helps him think clearly and empathize more with the characters because the picture helps him think that they are actual persons.
  3. He is crazy for bright colors, which attracts a lot of attention especially for monsters like him.

So there you go, can you help me and ARGH settle this discussion once and for all?  Which do you like better, the U.S. or the Aussie cover?  Are you with ARGH or with me?



  1. I haven't read this book yet, so that doesn't influence my like or dislike of either cover. Just by visual purposes, I like the US version better. It just speaks to me in a way that the Aussie cover doesn't.

  2. Well, I adore the caricatures on the Australian cover so I'm going to have to side with ARGH on this one! Sorry Nina :)

  3. Darn it! Score one for me and another for ARGH. At least we're even :D

  4. I prefer the US cover, it's the cover I would be more likely to pick up in a bookstore. It just looks lovelier with the pretty picture of wintertime in New York. :D The little glowing heart is too cute!

  5. I think the US cover suits the book more.

  6. I haven't read the book, so I don't know which relates to the story better. Just going by visuals alone, I'd be much more inclined to pick up the US version, so I'll go with that one. Another point to you, Nina.

    (Thanks for the shout out!)

  7. HAHAHAHAHAH I am too busy laughing at the glasses that you put on ARGH. OMG you are the funniest person ever.

    I like Aussie cover A LOT. I think I would pick the book up to check it out if I saw it. But I'm definitely more attracted to the US version.

  8. ohh the aussie cover is nice, but I think I still perfer the US one since it's what I have up here in Canada too. and it's just so festive :)

  9. The Australian cover has the advantage of actually looking like a notebook (the corners and the bottom ribbon), but it also has a bit of a post-hipster age cutesy look. I'll admit that neither appeal to me very much - both seem rather young, twee and much more directed for girls than boys. Not that these are bad things, they're just not for me...

  10. HAHAHAHAHA! I'm winning! ARGH wouldn't be too happy :D

    Anna, Orhedea, and Zoe: Thank you! And I agree with you, looking at it, makes me think of the adventure of passing the red notebook back and forth across New York. And yes, the glowing heart is totally fabulous. And it really makes you feel festive.

    Small Review: Thank you! You are the one who gave me this idea so really, thanks :D

    Lah: I was thinking how to put glasses on him without having to make him look bug-eyed. And thank you for siding with me, though ARGH raised his hopes that you would pick his side.

    Biblibio: I guess when you think about it, these covers do look more girly than 'for everyone'. But once you get past that, this is really a great read 'for everyone.'

  11. Wow! I haven't seen the Aussie cover, and I love it! The colors are great and I like the sketches of Dash and Lily.

    BUT, I still love the U.S. cover, because: the Christmas feeling let's me know that it (most likely) is set during winter, I love the heart cross light, and I like that I don't really know wht Dash and Lily look like, so I can keep the image in my head.

    This was a cool post! Thanks for sharing!



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