Friday, March 4, 2011

ARGH! An Interview

We've known him for quite some time now, and he's actually one of the best form of entertainment on this blog.  For a time now, we've been laughing at ARGH's antics and his insane love of meatballs.  But what do we really know about this green bookish monster?  Time to find out!

I got ARGH to do an interview but reading through it again, I am a bit doubtful if it was any help at all.  But I still posted it, if only for laughter's sake.

So here goes:

Tell us something about you that we don't know yet.

I am the reincarnation of the Lochness monster but I was born to gentle parents with better family dynamics - which made me less harmful.

I also have this little crush on that girl who played Bella on Twilight.  If I was asked, I would agree to replace Rob Pattinson in a heartbeat!

So it's okay to call you Nessie sometimes?


Aside from meatballs, what else makes you happy?

The color green, the sound of book pages being turned, wrestling, meatball ice cream, Glee, and karaoke nights!

I didn't know you can sing.

You're too busy hoarding the mic to notice.  If you must know, I am related to the great Fred Astaire on my mother's side.  


Yes!  He is brother to uncle of the cousin of the grandfather of my mother's grandmother's cousin.

So a really obscure and distant relation.

But still related!

You know ARGH, Fred Astaire is more known for his dancing so that should make you a better dancer, not singer.  

Whatever.  You need to have a good ear for music to do both.  And dancing's such a chore.  My flabs get smaller if I dance. 

What kinds of books do you like?

I want whatever you're having.  Wait, you asked about books, right?  I thought we were ordering food.  I like reading thrillers, murder mysteries, and contemporary fiction.  I also like the classics and a little dose of graphic novels.  

We've been together for a few months now.  Any plans to write a book review?

Someday, sure!  But I'm not a very good objective reader and you would have to do a lot of heavy editing to keep us from trouble.  I am better at showcasing your features and doing cute and funny poses for your blog.  In short, I'm better at doing looks.  You take care of the brains.

I am sure I look better than you.

I bet a lot of readers will disagree.

Whatever.  Aside from reading, how else do you pass the time?

Watching TV.  As I told you, I love Glee - I have a little crush on Lauren Zizes!  I also love sleeping and dreaming of meatballs.

So aside from gorging on meatballs, you also like dreaming about them.

Of course!  That's the key to a long and healthy life.

*Rolls eyes*  Any plans for the future?

Appearing on TV commercials, replacing Rob Pattinson in the Breaking Dawn movie - why not have Bella fall in love with a fluffy monster for a change?  I am sure I look better than Rob anyway - write a tell-all book, run for President, and eat as much meatballs as I can.

Write a tell-all book?  What are you going to talk about?

The life and struggles of a fluffy green monster like me.  My pain and suffering, my hopes and dreams - very intriguing story!

But you just said that you dream about meatballs.

I said I love dreaming about them, but I also have non-meatball dreams.

Like what?

Replacing Rob Pattinson.

Clearly this interview is going nowhere but meatballs, Rob Pattinson, and other ARGH stuff.  Before we end this interview, do you have any message to our readers?

We're finished?  But I haven't sang yet.  Oh well, to all the readers:  Thank you so much for following this blog.  I know that the only reason you stay tuned is because of my irresistible cuteness.  I can't imagine you sticking around for others stuff, like Nina's book reviews - BORING!  It's sad that you won't hear me sing right now, but I promise you I'll put up my own music video soon, so prepare to be amazed!


Okay, that went well.  I don't know how he will manage to shoot his own video considering he's took big for a regular video camera - I am actually standing on a spot near his ear while doing this interview - but maybe he'll surprise us.

To connect with ARGH, tweet him a message on our Twitter account - he handles the sweet tweets!


  1. Hehe LOL, soo cute, and I would much rather see ARGH than Rob Pattinson any day, Rob annoys me!!!
    great interview xxx

  2. OMG I LOVE ARGH! Awesome!!!!

  3. haaha this is awesome. I love him!!! I should asked him for an interview And if he ever runs for president he gets my VOTE!

    Awesome Interview, I loved it!! So cool.

  4. ARGH is so cute.. wish I could hear him sing, though hehe...
    And yes, at least he's not as pale as Rob Pattinson in Twilight!

  5. Aw, I love ARGH! He should totally replace RPattz; it would be an improvement IMO.

  6. That was a great interview! I would have no trouble with ARGH replacing Robert Pattinson in Breaking Dawn. I'm sure he acts better and is far better looking.

  7. hi Nina! though the interview didn't seem to meet your expectations, you handled it really well considering the person? thing? subject? you're interviewing. can ARGH do guest posts? i hope he does. it would rank up his already growing points! have a good one! c",)

    P.S. pls tell ARGH i bookmarked this post. why? i'm not really sure. i have yet to figure that out. ttyl!

  8. You have my vote ARGH! *pins on support button*

    Excellent interview Nina! This made me laugh so hard!


  9. HA! ARG you are truly hilarious! And since Rob P. is HORRIBLE as Edward, I don't think I'd mind you replacing him :P

    Nice to get to know you better!

  10. I am really regretting letting him read all these comments - he's now gloating and feeling smug now that he's proven that he does have 'fans' ARGH!

  11. Awesome interview! Haha, I loved ARGH's answers and all of the pictures were adorable!

  12. Hi, I'm Tishia at Paranormal Opinion. Found your blog through the blog hop, I'm now a follower :) I love the interview by the way!!

  13. Following from the FF hop! Argh is too cute! I love the white background-- so easy on the eyes!

  14. That was an adorable interview Nina and ARGH you did a fantastic job. You should def write a tell-all book. :)

    Have a good weekend!

  15. Awww... ARGH is soooo cute! I'd rather have him replace R. Patz as Edward too. XDD

  16. LOL!!! I want to hear ARGH sing immediately!!

  17. For everyone who wants to hear ARGH sing, I only have one advice: Be careful what you wish for!

  18. Awww! Suddenly watching the Twilight Saga isn't all that painful! :P
    He is sooo cute, must you crush on Bella Swan?!!
    This is the bestest interview i have ever read! :D

  19. @Kiwi: We'll have something of that sort soon!


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