Monday, March 7, 2011

10 Good Things on a Monday!

10 Good Things on a Monday is a weekly feature  I am doing dedicated to every person's compulsive list-writing.  Every Monday we are going to make a list of 10 things that will cheer us up and help tide us over the whole week.

Here's how it works:
  1. Think of a particular group of good things you want to make a list on, does not necessarily have to be about books, e.g. your current book wish list, or your favorite book foods (you know, foods you love to eat while reading, if you're like me), or your favorite girly names, whatever you can think of, as long as it makes you feel good.
  2. If you have no ideas for a list, you can always visit my blog post to check out my theme for that week and you can take a cue from my list.
  3. Post your list on your blog, grab that cute ARGH button above and put it on your post too, so we'd know you're doing this meme.
  4. Leave the link for your post on my own 10 Good Things post for the week, if you see others doing it, comment too and let's share our good things with everybody.
  5. Everybody goes through the whole week happy!

My 10 Good Things for this weekTen Favorite Foods

Do you notice that when you've just eaten something really good you feel so great and you want to eat some more?  I think that happens to me a lot.  Especially when I'm stressed.  Maybe that's why a lot of people call it 'stress eating' because you feel that your stress is relieved after you've eaten.  Lucky for me, I almost never gain weight and I'm hoping that goes on until I'm really old :D  Because I think I'm never going to get tired eating!  Pictures are included to make you hungry.  And recipes too, if you'd like to try any of them.  Just click on the link and voila!

1.  Tuna Alfredo Pasta - my Mom tells me I cook the meanest and best Tuna Alfredo in the family.  It's always the dish that we bring for potluck parties with relatives and friends.

2.  Phad Thai - I am craving for this one right now!

3.  Ice Scramble - it's this really fun mix of crushed ice, sugar, pink coloring, topped with powdered milk and chocolate syrup, and with some extra stuff like marshmallows, rice crispies, or candy sprinkles.  Tastes almost like bubblegum ice cream!

 4.  Turon - it's ripe and soft plantain banana that's wrapped on spring roll wrappers and fried and glazed with brown sugar. 

5.  Chicken Adobo - actually, most Filipino families would cook Chicken-Pork Adobo, but cooking the pork takes too long.

6.  Pizza - who doesn't love pizza?

7.   Bacon Ice Cream - I am such of fan of weird concoctions and I think this one tops my list of weird but totally yummy stuff.  Another cool recipe here.

8.  Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - wonderful, especially when it's fresh.

 9.  Pichi-Pichi - it's a Filipino delicacy where a sticky jelly from sweet potatoes is cooked and then rolled all over dried coconut flakes or cheese.  Sweet and yummy.

 10.  Bubblegum Ice Cream - I've mentioned this thousands of times already, if you didn't see this coming you're probably new to my blog :D

Getting hungry yet?  Why not grab a bite and then share your own good things?

Happy Monday!


  1. Awesome list Nina!

    I could go for some tuna alfrado right now, too. So yummy!

  2. You made me hungry for ice cream, and anything sweet. :)

  3. Mine's posted too!

  4. Phad Thai and turons are soooooo good! Now I wish I had a little of both.

  5. Bacon Ice Cream???? I bet that is so goooood!!! Aw man I want to try all this stuff, especially the ice cream scramble!!

  6. mine is up
    now i want a donut!!

  7. Hehehe I knew you all would get hungry!

  8. I did one, too! This was very fun for me. :)


  9. I'm looking down at my crappy lunch right now and a little part of me hates you :P This list is so, so appealing! I just want to reach into my computer screen and eat it all up.

  10. Great list, but the only thing on it i would possibly eat is the Ice Scramble. (I'm a really fussy eater)

    My list is 10 things I'm looking forward to:

    Have a good week. :D

  11. Your visual have me licking my comp screen, which was awkward when my co-worker walked by and raised an eyebrow. :/

  12. Food always gets a lot of people :D


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