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Awesome Author: Interview with Haresh Daswani (Evolution of Insanity)

We're back for another Awesome Author Interview!  This time, I am featuring someone I met through Goodreads, gave me a copy of his book to read and review - which I think is awesome - and whom I asked for an interview. 

It's none other than Haresh Daswani!  Read my book review of Evolution of Insanity, his first book, and you would understand why I am so excited about this interview.  He has actually done a guest post and shared his 10 Good Things on a Monday where he listed ten things that make him happy.

Upon further research, I found that although he's unmistakably from India, he lives in the Philippines, a kababayan - fellow countryman, we'd say.  So without further ado, I would like to present to you, Haresh Daswani!

Tell us about your book

This is my first book compilation. I have poetries which have yet to be compiled, but it is something that would be done on a later date, more importantly, only if my current book gets good sales  :)

I do have plans to write a book on Shaivism, which will be more in an essay form. I want to depict Shaivism as an open source spirituality, not bound by “only this God will save”, but by imparting universal knowledge that can be shared by anyone of any faith, kinda like Buddhism as well.

What was the inspiration that made you decide to write Evolution of Insanity?

My friends have been telling me “you should make that a book”, but it was only when Romana gave in a lot of effort to help out that made me realize that perhaps it should be a book. Meeting her was also of the weirdest coincidences.

The book is a compilation of 5 years worth of hobby writing. Some of the stories there were written in 10 minutes, some would take 30 minutes, but they are all generally fast pieces.

How did you prepare yourself before you began writing Evolution of Insanity?

I zone out. I get random inspirations that starts off with the first line, and grow it from there. I do not plan my stories, I just let it be. In fact, I do not know what I have written until I have finished. I also do not edit or correct anything I write.

What is your reading guilty pleasure?

I like whatever is most twisted, intelligent twists. I prefer British over American writing but Palahniuck, O’rourke, and Sedaris are still in my top writers. Their books have been my sins.

What do you do before writing?  Do you have a ritual that you must do every time before you write?

I tune into Thievery Corporation or some of my songs. I have the weirdest song choices for which I sync in with the running melody.

Who is one writer that you really look up to?

Gabriel Garcia Marquez for his humor, his maturity, his craft, and his intelligence. I believe any writer should aspire his highly evolved writing state.

What is one book that you think everyone should read?

Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuck would usually come first to mind, because CEO of the Sofa will not be as appreciated for its views by many.

How do you deal with negative reviews?

I already know that my pieces are not meant for everyone. But at the very least, those who appreciate my pieces are the type of people I keep as friends. My book is definitely not everyone’s cup of cake for it can have some very disturbing points, and I accept that fact.

If you were given the opportunity to become a character in any book, which book would it be and which character would you play?

I’ve always wanted to be Hannibal Lecter.

What advice can you give amateur writers?

Enjoy writing, play around and discover your talent. Do not write to please others, write to express thoughts, and instill values others may pick up. After all, we are all obliged to share the knowledge we have gathered, and let such knowledge continue its evolution.

Thank you so much for joining us, Haresh! 


For more info on Haresh Daswani and his writings, you can  find him on: 

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