Friday, February 4, 2011

The Irresistibly Sweet Award... Thank You Lah @Lazy Girl Reads!

I just got back from the real world and back into cyberspace and look what welcomes me... An Award!  And from my bestest bloggy friend Lah of Lazy Girl Reads!  You know, if situations were reversed, I would give this award to her, too because like what she said about me about commenting on whatever she posts, she also did the same, and she's actually one of the first bloggy friends I had since starting this blog so I really, really think that she's soooooooo sweet!
That's from ARGH and me

As a thank you, I have to give this to six other Irresistibly Sweet bloggers and talk about four of my guilty pleasures.  

Okay, so four guilty pleasures (this is difficult because I almost always deny that I have a guilty pleasure...  Most of them are embarrassing!):
1.  Junk food.  I am such a bad nurse - I love junk food even MORE than the next person, which usually leads to my mom getting mad at me sometimes when she sees me eating one.  Imagine your mother scolding you about your food choices when you're in your twenties - it's that bad!

So good yet so bad!
 2.  Wedding gowns.  I'm not getting married anytime soon, but I have this thing about wedding gowns, I'm crazy about them!  Right now I really love the simple, structured, and clean lines of Rosa Clara, and the frilly, whimsical silhouettes of Vera Wang.  

From the Rosa Clara Spring 2011 Collection
3.  Raw noodles.  This is weird.  You know those instant noodles?  I love eating them raw.  I would get cup noodles or a pack of them and I'd just eat them right away.  This began when I was four and my mom was going to cook noodle soup and she gave me a small piece of raw noodles, and I was hooked!

4.  Books.  This is probably the only guilty pleasure I won't be ashamed about.  Obviously, everyone of us here are addicted to books, but sometimes I wonder if it's already an addiction.  I could not stop myself from going to the bookstore even chance I get.  Sometimes, I don't even have anywhere to go that day but I'd suddenly go out and find myself in the bookstore, ogling new books and pestering the book people about when this book or that book is going to be released.

My bookshelf...  Not really as big as yours but I'm really proud of those books!

 And now, this award goes to...

1.  Aobibliosphere because we're both Filipinas and I want to give her some Pinay ♥! 
2.  Jenni Elyse because she's also one of the earliest bloggy friends I ever made, apart from the fact that her name sounds very sweet too!  I totally love it :D
3.  Alissa from The Grammarian's Reviews because she's so smart and makes these really hot topics of discussion.  I love her blog!
4.  Playing Librarian - we almost have the same tastes in books and that's so sweet - not to mention awesome!
5.  Khadija from Black Fingernailed Reviews because every time we visit each other's blogs another book is added to our wishlist :D
6.  Ashley from BookAholics Anonymous because she is a self-confessed bookaholic... And so am I!

I would have loved to give this award to every blog I'm following because:  a) Not every blog accepts awards; b) I'll never get finished enumerating everyone; and c) I'm supposed to give this to just SIX people.  But no worries, you're all really irresistibly sweet, and best of all, A-W-E-S-O-M-E!


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  2. Awww thanks Nina! You really do deserve this award too, you're so sweet and you're blog is bleepin-awesome. :) lol-it is true isn't it? I think i'll have to start keeping a whole new wishlist of books i discovered on you're site. :)

    I don't think the noodle thing is weird...because i do that too. lol-I'm not sure when it started but i'm always eating ramen right out of the package.

    I'll do a post a little later so look out for it ^-^

  3. hahaha! you are welcome!! and although the noodles thing is semi-weird, i do semi-weird stuff too like put potato chips in my ice cream!!!

    oh and the picture of the junk food literally looks like the junkiest picture ever it's so funny!!! i looooove junk food. i won't even tell you what i eat sometimes or you will send me to the hospital.

  4. I do the noodle thing too except mine is with those tortellinis. I'm not sure if that's bad for you or not someone told me it was..Oops!

    I also find myself just going to the bookstore when I have nothing else to do. I'm suprised they don't know me by now.

  5. Thank you so much, Nina! You're the best! If you hadn't given this to me, I would've give it to you! :)

  6. PS--I love eating ramen noodles raw too! They're the best that way!

  7. Yay, thanks Nina! What a sweet surprise on a Saturday morning!


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