Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Am Back: Answers to the Quiz

If you noticed, I have been gone for a few days - been really busy and could not update my blog as much as I wanted to anymore.  So please bear with me.  I would try to schedule posts to keep this blog as current as possible and would try to visit as soon as I can.

Okay, onto better things, I made you answer a short quiz on Valentine's Day that I was supposed to post the answers last Thursday.  However, Thursday rolled in and I was too busy.  So now, I'm giving you the answers to the quiz:

1.  How do you place an elephant inside a refrigerator?
     -Open the fridge, take out all its contents, then put the elephant inside.

2.  How do you place a giraffe inside a refrigerator?
     -Open the fridge, take out the elephant, and put the giraffe in.

3.  The lion king called for a meeting in the jungle and all animals must attend. Which animal do you think would not be able to make it? 
     -The giraffe, since it's still inside the fridge.

4.  If you have to cross a bridge and there were lots of crocodiles, how would you cross it? 
     -You just cross it, the crocodiles are in the meeting anyway!

I told you it's going to be funnier!


  1. Yay your back! I've missed you! That was hilarious! I wish I had some of your sense of humor! :P

  2. UGH!!! I knew it was like a riddle!! I love riddles. Like: A plane flying from New York crashes in California. If the passengers were from Boston where were the survivors buried?

    It doesn't work when you read it, but it stumps people when you say it because you've giving them all that unnecessary information!

    Or, "There are 6 kids riding the bus with 2 parents each. Including the Bus Driver, how many shoes are on the bus?"

    Okay do a quiz like this again it was fun!!


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